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Industrial Potato Frying Machine

Industrial Potato Frying Machine

As we all know, French fries is hot selling and popular for a long period. It usually fried in high temperature oil and then eat directly. So there is high oil content within the potato chips. Now many factories are producing natural and healthy foods, frying in vacuum is the tendency....

The Most Popular Potato Chips
The potato’s nutritional composition is very full, and its structure is reasonable. The vitamin C contained in the potato is 10 times that of the apple. The B nutrient is 4 times that of the apple. The various minerals are several times to several tens of times that of the apple. It is called "underground apple" and "second bread". Potato product has become the fashion consumption.

At present, most of the potatoes are used for making meals and feeds, but only a small part is used for processing, which greatly reduces its economic value and damps farmers' enthusiasm for production. 

In order to increase the added value of potatoes, Qingdao Liuyi Machinery Co., Ltd. based on more than 10-year R & D experience, processing a simple and promising method - vacuum potato frying machine.

Traditional high-temperature fried potato chips are popular and convenience foods, but this kind of chips has high oil content of more than 35%. During the frying process, the food absorbed a large amount of fat, resulting in high oil content. If eaten frequently, it can easily lead to obesity. Therefore, consumers began to resist fried foods, and this consumption phenomenon prompted people to pursue low-oil foods.


Industrial Potato Frying Machine Advantage
1. Vacuum equipment with high efficiency. (vacuum pump can be customized according to customers)
It can release a large amount of water vapor in a short time and can quickly establish a vacuum condition, not less than 0.098Mpa.

2. Internal de-oiling device.
De-oiling under vacuum conditions can prevent the oil from being pressed into the potato during it returns to atmosphere.  So that it can ensure that the finished potato chips have low oil content.

3. Highly sealed vacuum bin with large capacity.
It also requires oil storage capacity and heat exchange area matching the amount of loading.

4. Automatic control device with parameters such as temperature and time.
It is to avoid the instability of product quality caused by human.

5. Automatic computer control system.
In the same kind of equipment, the processes of temperature, lifting, dehydration are all manually controlled, the operation is complicated, the labor intensity is large, and the product quality is hard to guarantee. The computer automatic control system can automatically control the operation parameters according to the setting process. The standardized production of the product can improve the product quality.

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Deep Fried Potato Chips vs Vacuum Fried Potato Chips
On the current market, the fried potato chips are produced by the vacuum frying process and the high-temperature frying process.

1. The advantage of the vacuum frying is that the water quickly evaporate, the nutrients of the food are protected. The quality and flavor of the product are excellent; it retains the original flavor and nutrients of the potato, has low sugar, low fat and low heat. It is an excellent health food, and it can be adjusted for seasonal shortage, easy to store and transport.

2. The high-temperature frying destroys the nutrients of the potato, and the color, aroma and taste are affected. In addition, high temperature makes oil smoke, pollute the environment, increase fuel consumption. The high temperature oil is easy to produce harmful substances, affecting the health of consumers, and it also changes the rheology of oil and shortens the service life of oil.

In recent years, Qingdao Liuyi Machinery Co., Ltd. has continuously developed technological innovation and the number of invention patents has been continuously improved. Our company in good faith, quality, innovation, professionalism and unity, can achieve manufacturing, installation, after-sale service, to better serve our customers. We own excellent professional technical and sales talents, as well as advanced technology and engineering level, will welcome your challenges in production.


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