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Industrial Chicken Frying Machine

Industrial Chicken Frying Machine

Fried chicken is popular in many teenagers because of its special taste. However it contains many oil, so it is harmful to health. Nowadays people are pursuing the food with low fat and low oil. Therefore vacuum fried fruit and vegetable chips become a new snacks in people....

The harm of fried chicken to the human body

In life, many teenagers like the taste of fried chicken nuggets and fried chicken legs. Whenever there is class reunion or holiday, they would like to go to McDonald's or KFC. 

However, the World Health Organization has rated fried chicken as one of the top ten junk foods. Fried chicken nuggets and fried chicken legs lack dietary fiber and vitamins, besides, it is high-calorie, high-fat, high-protein. If eat too much, it can cause obesity, and fried chicken must be made repeated frying in high temperature oil. These edible oils are used repeatedly for a long time at high temperatures, and some foods are over-fried, resulting in a large number of harmful and toxic substances.

A scientist in the United States once said that the popularity of fried chicken and fried food is a human disaster that is even more terrible than war. This sentence sounds a bit alarmist, but in the past 50 years, the number of cancers in the United States has risen steadily due to various cardiovascular diseases in fried chicken. No wonder some people say that fried chickens are more threatening to humans than bombs.

On the other hand, the periphery of fried foods is usually covered with flour processed products, which will make the oil adhere a lot, let the children eat a lot of oil directly, destroy the stomach and cardiovascular, and damage the health of children in the developing period.

Fried chicken is always able to induce obesity. The standard for humans to eat healthy meat a day is 200 grams, which is almost a small row. This 200 grams represents the health value of calories, fat and protein intake. However, children who eat fried chicken will generally exceed 200 grams, causing excessive intake of calories, fat and animal protein.


Industrial Chicken Frying Machine Benefits
Can we make the fried chicken delicious and healthy? Simple, control the oil content! Use the industrial chicken frying machine made by Qingdao Liu Yi Machinery Co., Ltd, it is low temperature vacuum fryer.
Low-temperature vacuum frying is dehydrated at low pressure, and the oil temperature is low during processing(70℃-120℃). Therefore, the dehydrated product has the characteristics of good color, aroma and taste, also, it can keep the nutrients and low oil content.

The low temperature vacuum fryer has the following advantages:

1. High-temperature frying oil content is as high as 40%, while low-temperature vacuum fryer has oil content below 20%.

2. After freezing and then low-temperature vacuum frying, the chicken can be crispy, and the color appearance is excellent.

3. The heat of fried chicken under high temperature frying is 110-370 calories, and the fat content is 7-21 grams. On average, the calorie of each low-temperature vacuum frying is 70-180 calories and the fat content is 4-9 g. It is easily to see which kind of fried chicken is much healthy.


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We also hope that one day KFC and McDonald will also use low-tempreture frying machine for their chicken and patato chips. Certainly it is a very good vision in the future.

Since the production of the low-temperature vacuum fryer, Qingdao Liu Yi Machinery Co., Ltd. has carried out various researches on the low-temperature vacuum frying technology of chicken meat, including the production process, equipment, and reduction of oil content. We will continue to provide customers with higher quality products, as well as installation, testing, training and other after-sales services for all of our customers.

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