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Fried Snack Machine

Fried Snack Machine

Fried snack machine, as a new food processing method, is becoming more and more popular. It mainly uses vacuum frying theory to produce the most healthy and crispy fruit and vegetable chips....

Vacuum Fried Snack---The First Step towards Healthy Eating
As the progresses of society, people prefer healthier snacks. In poor areas of developing countries, people may choose fried carrot slices as an important food choice. In these areas, people often lack calories and vitamins. Fried carrot slices can provide these nutrients and help them avoid vitamin deficiency.

In developed countries like the UK, the market share of high-quality handmade vegetable potato chips snacks is still small and is expected to expand. Studies have shown that 40% of potato chip consumers are interested in buying sweet potato chips, while others choose carrot slices, apple slices and other fruit and vegetable blends.

Qingdao Liuyi Machinery Co., Ltd. has more than 10-year experience in the production of low-temperature fried food machines. After market research and the introduction of international advanced technology, we have developed and produced the latest generation machine-- dual-chamber low-temperature vacuum fryer. It can provide fresh and crispy chips with unique taste.

Fried Snack Machine Features
In vacuum, the boiling point of edible oil reduce to 80℃ from 200~215℃ at atmospheric pressure. So there is no burning of nutrients, no oxidation of minerals. It could remain 80%~90% retention of vitamins and fibers in fruit, vegetable and pulses.


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Deep Frying vs Vacuum Frying

Vacuum Frying

Deep Frying

Frying happens below the boiling point of water ie 100℃ (used for steaming the vegetable)…So there is no burning of any ingredients.

Frying happens at 200-250℃. At this temp, burning of ingredients happens.

There is no oxygen so no oxidation of minerals

There is oxygen in atmosphere reacts with minerals for Oxide like Calcium Oxide, Iron Oxide, Manganese Oxide etc.

Nutrients and vitamins remain up to 99.99% intact.

Nutrient and vitamins get destroyed by more than 50%

The natural fiber remains intact up to 100%

The natural fiber get broken by up to 100%


Welcome you to visit our factory and bring your own fruits and vegetables to test our machine. We promise that we could provide the best quality chips, in order to help you gain more profit.