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Automatic Snacks Frying Machine

Automatic Snacks Frying Machine

Snacks has become the more and more popular choice in the 21 century.In recent years, with the development of low-fat snacks, there are many different types of snacks making machine. Especially automatic snacks frying machine, frying by this machine can gain more healthy and crispy snacks....

The Snacks—more and more popular choice
There is a lower polyphenol content in human diet. Children and adolescents consume 35-40% of calories per day at school. Most school offer high-energy foods, usually high in solid fats and sugar. Many different kinds of snacks are everywhere and are popular in people. Nielsen reported that as of March 2014, snack sales reached $374 billion annually, an increase of 2% year-on-year.

Today, food manufacturers face the challenge that they need to have a healthy-food development concept that corresponds to modern dietary trends. Fruit and vegetable can be processed as raw materials because they are a source of precious biological ingredients. On the other hand, another trend is the direction of ready-to-eat food production become common. Snacks such as fruit chips can satisfy both these needs. The products that consumers are searching for include not only micronutrients but also dietary fiber.

Qingdao Liuyi Machinery Co., Ltd. has more than ten years of experience in research and development of fruit and vegetable chips processing machine, and we can provide the latest generation of fully automatic vacuum snacks frying machine to meet the current needs of people for healthy foods. The fruit and vegetable chips by vacuum frying are low fat and calories, rich in nutrients and crispy in taste.

Automatic Snacks Frying Machine Working Theory
The working principle of the automatic vacuum snack frying machine is to put the food in the vacuum environment and also use hot oil as the heating medium, to dehydrate the food and gradually deepen the carbonization process. It obtains the vacuum frying environment by vacuum gaining system. So that it lowers the vaporization temperature of the water and increases the vaporization speed to achieve the requirement of lowering the temperature of the fried food and accelerating the frying speed. Then using the automatic oil temperature heating control device, to precisely control the temperature and frying time; control the carbonization degree of food. So that the food color can be controlled, the burnt and be prevented and food quality can be ensured. Then, by the de-oiling system, the hot-oil medium is removed under the vacuum condition. The food is restored to normal pressure in an oil-free environment, and the food is not immersed when being taken out, thereby achieving the requirement of low oil content of the vacuum fried food. The automatic snack fryer produced by our company achieves the purpose of low temperature, fast, no scorch, low oil content fried food and low temperature dehydration and drying.

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Automatic Snacks Frying Machine Application
Fruits: Jackfruit, Apple, Pear, Persimmon, Banana, Pineapple, Peach, Mango, Strawberry, Chinese gooseberry, Carambola (star fruit), Muskmelon etc.

Vegetables: Onion, Carrot, Sweet potato, Potato, Pumpkin, Okra, Balsam pear, Taro, Lotus root, Kidney bean, Mushroom, Cucumber, etc.

Seafood: fish, shrimp, small crab


On the basis of vacuum frying, Liuyi Automatic Snack Frying machine actively introduces and draws on international relative experience, innovate its own patented technology and automatically circulates oil-heating system, to keep the fried foods in the best condition. Foods fried by vacuum frying can be stored longer than other types of fried foods and maintain higher nutrition. Although vacuum-fried foods are not as good as a full-nutrient diet, they can make snacks healthier.


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