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Jackfruit Chips Vacuum Fryer

Jackfruit Chips Vacuum Fryer

Jackfruit chips vacuum fryer is one of our hotselling machines. Vacuum frying jackfruit only on the low temperature oil (below 90℃), so that it can avoid jackfruit becoming darken and scorched. The finished chips is with low oil content, beautiful color and crispy texture, which is very popular in the snacks market....

Jackfruit is also called big tree pineapple. It is rich in sugar, protein, B vitamins (B1, B2, B6), vitamin C, minerals, fatty oil, etc., which has a certain effect on maintaining the normal physiological function.


The traditional dried jackfruit chips are dried by sunlight and hot air convection drying. Because the drying time is too long and the heating is uneven, it is easy to cause discoloration, odor, and bacteria. So that it leads to the decline of product quality, which cannot meet the needs of customers; Using Jackfruit chips Vacuum Fryer, the jackfruit can be dried in a short time. Because of the uniform heating, the nutrients, color and fragrance of the chips can be preserved to a great extent. The quality of the product can be improved, and the enterprise can be directly and indirectly improved. 



Liuyi Machinery Produced Jackfruit Chips Vacuum Fryer Features

1. The frying time is short, the product has a strong aroma and the taste is lubricated;

2. The frying temperature is low and uniform, the color of the product is bright and the appearance is beautiful;

3. The water vapor direction from inside to outside when drying. Therefore, the vacuum oil bath frying has a puffing effect. The chips are crisper;

4. Easy to operate and advanced technology. Compared with other models, our fryer has a simple structure; the human-machine interface and PLC program are automatically controlled, and the operation is flexible and convenient.


Jackfruit chips Vacuum Fryer Technical Parameters

Basket   SizeΦ800mmΦ1000mmΦ1100mmΦ1200mm
Vacuum Degree0.098-0.099mpa0.098-0.099mpa0.098-0.099mpa0.098-0.099mpa
Steam Pressure4-8kg4-8kg4-8kg4-8kg
Working temperature75-11075-11075-11075-110
Pump Power4kw5.5kw7.5kw7.5kw
Vacuum Pump Power9kw12kw15kw15kw
Motor Power3kw3kw3kw3kw

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