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Banana Chips Fryer Machine

Banana Chips Fryer Machine

Banana food processing industry development and banana chips frying machine benefits. Qingdao Liu Yi Machinery Co., Ltd., -----We have been focusing on the production of food frying machinery for more than 20 years....

Banana Food Processing Industry Development

Rich in pectin, sugar, tannin and various enzymes, bananas contain a variety of trace elements and vitamins and have always been one of the most popular fruits for consumers. The processing industry of fried banana chips has risen rapidly in recent years. The fried bananas are dessert snacks, which are crispy and tender. It has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach and moistening the intestines. It is suitable for spleen and stomach weakness, intestinal dry constipation, hemorrhoids bleeding and other diseases. It also has better adjuvant treatment for patients with hypertension and atherosclerosis. Banana chip snack products launched by many well-known food processing companies such as Qingdao Shuang Sheng Food Co., Ltd, have been highly sought after by the market.


Banana Chips Fryer Machine Benefits
Higher temperatures and pressures keep the interior of the food moist while darkening. If vacuum frying, the raw materials are processed in a low temperature, low pressure, grease environment, the spices in the food are mostly water soluble and do not overflow in the grease, after the dehydration process, the scent is further concentrated, so that the flavor can be well preserved, and infused with oil without scorching or browning it.

1. Frying in vacuum

The frying in vacuum can keep the original color of banana chips, flavor, taste and nutrients. At the same time, the low-temperature vacuum-fried banana chips have the advantages of thorough dehydration, light weight, suitable for long-distance transportation and long-term preservation.

2. No pollution:
The banana chips are completely in a closed vacuum during the frying process, preventing contact with the air. In the meanwhile, this process can void secondary pollution caused by food processing and ensure food safety.

3. Color retention
The frying process does not need any antioxidants or enzyme preparations, the food can also have better color and shelf stability. The effects of certain food additives on the human body and the effects on the flavor of the food are avoided.

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Vaccum Banana Chips Fryer Machine Advantages:

1. Frying and de-oiling are carried out in a single chamber and operated under vacuum. Compared with the technique of two separate operation, this design is ideal and save one device as well. The staff can also easily handle the operation.

2. The equipment adopts frequency conversion speed regulation technology, low speed is used for stirring, high speed is used for de-oiling, time relay is used to control the rotation of the frying basket, so that the heat transfer effect is enhanced; the temperature is preselected by the temperature controller.

3. It installs fully enclosed oil delivery system, which is safe and hygienic, and is convenient for continuous operation and automatic control.

4. This continuous production fryer can feed up to 200 kg in one time, which can completely realize the industrial production of fried banana chips.


Qingdao Liu Yi Machinery Co., Ltd., -----We have been focusing on the production of food frying machinery for more than 20 years.

In order to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers, and improve the performance and quality of the products, our company would always like to make investment in scientific research and quality control. Our automatic double-chamber low-temperature vacuum fryer has obtained patents more than one and we are also ISO9001 certificate qualified. Professional and timely after-sales service for all of our customers will be always available.