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Intermittent Vacuum Fryer

The comparison of intermittent vacuum fryer and continuous vacuum fryer. The early vacuum fryer was all intermittently operated. Due to batch frying, each time if the feed is too much, it is easy to stick to each other due to the overstock of weight, which affects the breakage deformation....

Fruit and vegetable slices are the latest deep processing methods in the world. It is produced by low temperature vacuum frying. This kind of food not only remains the flavor and nutrients of the original vegetables and fruits, but also contains rich vitamins, low sugar, low salt and low fat. It is an excellent healthy food, which is easy to store and carry. It has amazing rehydration properties. After rehydration, the vegetables are fresh and can be cooked.

In order to ensure the color, taste and crispness of fruits and vegetables, it is necessary to fry under vacuum and low temperature conditions. Compared with the early intermittent vacuum fryer, our improved continuous vacuum fryer can achieve continuous frying from feeding to discharging and automatic de-oiling after frying. The speed and steering can also be controlled automatically. The unique automatic oil heating system guarantees constant oil temperature and ensures the quality of fried foods.

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Intermittent Vacuum Fryer Shortcoming
The early vacuum fryer was all intermittently operated. Due to batch frying, each time if the feed is too much, it is easy to stick to each other due to the overstock of weight, which affects the breakage deformation. At the same time, the evaporation of water during frying is from more to less, and the vacuum in the frying chamber varies greatly. thereby the product quality will be affected.

Continuous Vacuum Fryer Advantage
The continuous vacuum frying machine adopts a special structure to solve the dynamic sealing problem of the vacuum chamber. It also uses a special technical theory to de-oil continuously. The feeding, de-oiling and unloading can work continuously. One machine can complete. 

Our machine adopts microcomputer automatic control and mechatronics. It has reliable operation and stable performance. It is heated by circulating oil and the material can be heated evenly. The part of machine that comes into contact with food is made of stainless steel and is safe.

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Vacuum Fried Fruit and Vegetable Chips Feature
-Keeping the original color, flavor and nutrition of fruits & vegetables.
-Crispy, no grease, the favorite food of the young and old.
-High fiber, holds various vitamins.
-Having a good structure for quick rehydration.
-Free preservatives, artificial color.
-Convenient food, long shelf life (12 months).


Qingdao Liuyi Machinery Co., Ltd. holds more than 10-year experience in food machinery research and development, production and sales. It persists in continuous innovation and introduction of international advanced technology. Our company has a high-level technical team. Our technicians have more than 30 years of experience in food machinery design, research and development, and they also engage a number of production line design and installation projects. We can provide customers with one-stop service from pre-installation to post-maintenance. Our company has a number of invention patents and our customers spread all over the country.


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