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What Are The Advantages Of Fully Automatic Frying Machine Equipment?
Sep 19, 2018

1, the use of high-efficiency hot oil boiler circulating heating method, fried oil heating rapidly, small fluctuations in oil temperature.

2, in the process of frying, the use of dynamic oil filter system, frying machine at any time to remove waste residue, to keep the fried oil fresh, a comprehensive solution to the residual oil residue caused by the deterioration of the problem.

3, the optimization of the structure of the pot, so that the amount of oil injection reduced, high oil turnover.

4, the pot body and transport can be free to separate, easy to clean up, vibrating feed, the material is evenly.

5, can use fuel, gas, coal and other energy sources.

6, set Fry, throw oil, conveying functions as a whole, compact structure, complete functions.

7, the deep-frying process by the PLC centralized control, automatic operation, high degree of automation.

8, the use of advanced temperature control system and reasonable mixing device, to ensure the best food frying effect.

9, high-efficiency fuel (steam) burner heating, fast heating, low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency. 10, frying machine with automatic and manual control of two options, more flexible operation.