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Vacuum Potato Chips Lead The Trend Of The Day
Oct 11, 2018

The 2017 China Venture Innovation Expo Potato Industry Development Summit was held in Wulanchabu city--the “China Potato Capital”. Wang Wei, President of the Potato Food Professional Committee of China Food Industry Association, delivered a speech. She believes that potato snack foods are firmly in the top spot in the industry. The prospects for potato snack foods are promising. At the meeting, Wang Wei said that the growth potential of potato snack foods is considerable. It is estimated that the sales value of potato in China will exceed 29 billion yuan in 2017. In particular, with the continuous growth of the economy, the continuous improvement of people's income and the upgrading of consumption, the potato snack food industry will be vigorously promoted.

In particular, the industrial deep frying machine fried French fries is on the rise. It is estimated that the overall annual output in 2016 will be about 183,500 tons. The sales income will be 3.67 billion yuan, mainly based on the four brands of Lay’s, Master Kong, Orion and Bugles.

Qingdao Liuyi Machinery Co., Ltd. actively grasps the opportunities of potato development and continuously improves the machine technology. We produced industrial deep frying machine with excellent performance. This frying method ensures the potato chips have the lowest oil content and protect their internal nutrients from damage.