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Unbalanced Supply Of Fresh Bananas Lead To The Development Of Vacuum Fried Banana Chips Industry
Oct 11, 2018

In early April each year, banana prices will increase. During this period, the retail price of bananas was 0.63-0.68 €/kg. The price of bananas rose by 0.19 €. The main reason is that the rest bananas in Yunnan Province are scarcely sold out, while the bananas in Hainan Province are not yet on the market. As a result, the inventory in the market has decreased and it leads to continuous increasing banana prices.

In mid-April, bananas in Yunnan have entered the final stage, leaving only 10-30%. Bananas from Hainan will enter the market in May and June.

Due to scarcity of banana material, the high price may continue to dominate the market. The price of bananas may reach 0.55-0.68€/kg. So it is difficult for customers to find cheap bananas.

At the same time, the bananas are kept for a short time. If the mature bananas are not well preserved, they will become black and deteriorate and cannot be eaten. Because of the high cost of refrigerated storage and transportation, the food processing industry is looking for better and healthier eating methods.

Qingdao Liuyi Machinery Co., Ltd., with more than 20 years of research and exploration, produced a vacuum fryer machine suitable for banana production. It can provide crispy banana chips with crispy taste, bright yellow color and healthy nutrition. It not only can ensure effective replacement of fresh bananas, but also save money and achieve higher profits.