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Successful Installation And Testing In Golden Tang Food Company
Jan 24, 2019

On January 22, 2019, the installation of the double-chamber automatic vacuum fryer was completed. With the help of the factory workers, our installation engineers successfully connected the steam pipe, water pipe and other pipelines to the machine. After strict testing, the machine was able to operate normally.

At 10 o'clock in the morning, the machine is turned on and the workers operate under the guidance of the engineer. The start up operation is normal, the vacuum degree quickly reaches the required vacuum degree. The frozen mushroom raw material starts to be dehydrated in the oil bath. During the frying process, the raw material is generating more water vapor. But the vacuum degree is not affected, the vacuum pump runs smoothly, and the condenser is quickly let water vapor disappeared. The vacuum is stable, and the oil content is low.

After frying is finished, it is automatically de-oiling. The speed and frequency can be adjusted according to the product. The oil content can be controlled to the minimum to meet the requirements of healthy food. After the end of the de-oiling, the product is discharged. The yield is high. Product has original color and flavor. The taste is crisp. All the workers praised the finished mushroom chips.

Liuyi Machinery actively learns from experience. We use professional knowledge and technology, continuously improve the products, and make the vacuum fryer more perfect. Regardless of the appearance or operation performance of the machine, we have been continuously developed them. We are committed to customizing unique models for your factory.

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