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Shandong Liaocheng Food Factory Published New Product - Vacuum Red Radish Crisps
Nov 23, 2018


Our loyal customer Shandong Liaocheng Zhengnengliang Food Co., Ltd. has been committed to the R&D of snack foods, providing consumers with high quality, newly and healthy casual snacks.

On November 5th, our automatic vacuum fryer was used to carry out the new test of frying red radish. The finished red radish chips were deeply shocked by our customers. The taste was very crispy. It is rich in carbohydrate, protein, and natural cellulose. These substances are important ingredients for maintaining human health. In addition, red radish contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, which is good for your health.

After frying, the customer is very satisfied with the quality of the finished product. Because the radish crisps are fragile, so the rate of final product is difficult to control. Our vacuum fryer automatically adjusts the speed of de-oil and controls it within a reasonable range, which ensure low oil content.