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Low Temperature Vacuum Frying Equipment Is Highly Praised By Customers
Nov 19, 2018

On 18, Nov. 2018, our low-temperature vacuum frying equipment was installed in Binzhou, Shandong province. After the basic process training for the company's operators, it is officially entered in the trial-frying. During the frying process, the equipment runs smoothly and each parameter is normal. The actual oil temperature in the fryer and the required oil temperature difference of the product are only 1 ℃. The temperature difference is small, the frying is uniform, and the product color is good.

The oil temperature required for the product is reached 10 minutes after the start-up. Because the heater with our patented technology has a large heating area and a fast heating speed. The frying time is short and no frying or frying will occur. So that it will save energy costs.

According to customer's feedback, our machine's fully automatic lifting door can saves space and has good sealing performance. It does not require many workers to operate and saves personnel costs.

The heater part is a detachable structure that is easier to clean and has a longer service life than non-removable heaters from other manufacturers.