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How To Maintain The Frying Machine
Sep 19, 2018

1, the machine before the operation must first turn off the power.

2, check the other parts of the frying machine has no loose or abnormal operation phenomenon.

3, switch on the power supply yield (usually from static state to normal operation about 40-60 seconds) No abnormal situation can be worked.

4, usually each double room vacuum low-temperature frying equipment to buyers in hand after the empty operation of about 2 hours. 

5, frying machine materials to be placed as evenly as possible. Capacity shall not exceed the rated amount of the frame. 

6, frying machine must have a person to operate. To avoid shortening the service life of the food machinery. 

7, if the food machinery appears overspeed operation phenomenon, for the occurrence of mechanical abnormalities or operating sound is not right, should immediately stop the machinery