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Frying Machine Maintenance And Maintenance Process
Sep 19, 2018

1. Before cleaning equipment must cut off the heating system power supply, stop heating for at least 20 minutes to raise the belt or oil, wait 1 hours (or oil temperature less than 80 ℃) before cleaning operations.

2. Every cleaning and sanitary must be cleaned all the electric tube, the removal of fried and carbonized residue.

3. After each use, please be sure to unplug and after the full cooling of the pot to start cleaning, cleaning using a soft cloth dipped in neutral detergent can not use metal brushes, corrosive solvents, etc. to avoid damaging the non-stick coating and the surface of the pot body. 5. Do not place the entire appliance in water to avoid an electric shock crisis and dysfunction.

Wipe the attached debris with a damp cloth that is screwed dry.

5. Detachable inner pot oil mesh can be washed with detergent by dipping in the water with a soft cloth.

6. When not in use for a long time, please clean the appliance and keep it dry after collection.

7. Strictly pay attention to the warning signs on the equipment to prevent accidents.

8. Water and oil should be injected strictly in accordance with the position of oil/gas interface line, so as to avoid high water level, oil spill occurs in work. 

9. The filter water in the pot is guaranteed to be replaced once a day, so as to avoid the deterioration caused by the ambient temperature too high, the bottom residue is cleaned in time.

In order to prevent the deterioration of edible diesel oil in the water to cause odor, according to food safety requirements, in the pot inside the water with a small amount of preservatives or edible salt.

10. Update rate of oil in accordance with the local national standards strictly enforced, timely replacement of new oil, to avoid oil aging and aging fried products produced by the National food hygiene requirements of the indicators exceeded. 

11. Avoid using the equipment to directly melt the solid grease, the solid grease can be melted before adding the frying line. After the work is finished, the oil is released before the oil is solidified.