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2017.08.22 Commercial Vacuum Fryer Loading And Distributing To Yantai Shuangyu Food Co., Ltd
Oct 11, 2018

Qingdao Liuyi Machinery Co., Ltd. achieved sales success in August. Yantai Shuangyu Food Co., Ltd. mainly produces vacuum fruits, vegetables, nuts and seafood chips. Its domestic sales are far ahead and their products have been widely praised.

In the early morning of 22th, August, our company's employees were busy checking and carrying the machines. As the transport vehicles slowly drove out, another batch of vacuum low-temperature frying machines was about to embark on the journey. Commercial Vacuum Fryer is one of the most popular products of our company. It has stable performance, easy operation and greatly improved production. At the same time, we can provide the best advice according to the different conditions of our customer's processing plant, and design the most suitable model for them. This service greatly meets the different needs of large, medium and small customers.