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Why Mango Chips are so popular
Jan 02, 2019

Mango chips has become the most popular and hot-selling snacks, because of its unique flavor and crispy taste. It also have many advantage for our health:  

1. Fight cancer

Mango chips contain antioxidants such as quercetin, isoquercitrin, astragalus, fisetin, gallic acid and methides to protect the body from colon cancer, breast cancer and leukemia.

2. Control cholesterol

Mango slices contain high levels of vitamin C, pectin and fiber, which help lower serum cholesterol levels. Fresh mango is a rich source of potassium, an important component of cells and body fluids that helps control heart rate and blood pressure.

3. Skin cleanser

Mango helps you clear pores and add a fresh touch to your face. They help clear pore blockage and avoid acne. Simply slice the mangoes and place them on your face for 10 to 15 minutes, then bathe or wash your face and see the results.

4. Eye care

Do you know that mango is rich in vitamin A. A package of mango chips is equivalent to 25% of vitamin A daily. Mango helps promote good vision, fight dry eye and prevent night blindness.

5. Help digestion

Mango chips contain enzymes that help break down proteins. Mango fiber helps digestion, it is rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals.

6. Enhance immunity

A combination of vitamin C, vitamin A and 25 different carotenoids keeps the immune system healthy.