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What are the effects of frying food in vacuum frying machine?
Sep 19, 2018

1, can maintain the original color and fragrance of food. The use of vacuum frying, raw materials in the low temperature, low pressure, grease the environment for processing. Most of the spices in the food are water-soluble, do not overflow in the grease, and after the dehydration process, these aroma components are further enriched, so that the original flavor of the food can be well preserved. In addition, the low oxygen content of the FRY processing, food is not easy to fade, discoloration, browning, to maintain the color of the food itself. 

2, give the food crisp taste. The boiling point of the water in the vacuum is reduced, so the moisture in the food evaporates at a lower temperature, resulting in a porous structure and crisp texture of the food, both fresh food and biscuits. 

3, let fried food crisp but not greasy. Vacuum frying can effectively prevent the polymerization of oil in high temperature, reduce or even prevent the formation of harmful substances, and improve the repeated utilization of oil-frying. The oil content of the vacuum fried food is low, the fuel saving effect is remarkable, the food is crisp and not greasy.