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What are the characteristics of automatic frying machine?
Sep 19, 2018

1, the use of advanced frequency control skills, stable work;

2, automatic heating control system, temperature control and stability, easy to work;

3. The continuous frying pan consists of two parts: frying system and transmission system;

4, the equipment operation is simple, the design is reasonable, the structure is compact;

5, the surface of the frying pan and the net belt, as well as the contact food part uses the stainless steel material, applies to the food industry;

6, equipped with smoke exhaust system, effectively eliminate the soot produced by the process of frying, greatly improve the working environment.

7, oil and frying time, using frequency control, in a certain range can be adjusted;

8, the frying pan uses the movable upper cover, facilitates the clean-up.

9, frying machine with oil filter system, circulating oil, filter oil impurities, increase the use of oil, reduce the oil replacement rate, thereby reducing costs. 

10, suitable for a wide range of materials, the use of high, such as: Puffed food, wonderful crisp angle, rice crust, network crisp, twist, shrimp, peanuts, chicken wings and other fried food;