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Vacuum frying Machine keeps the original color of food
Sep 19, 2018

For deep-fried food, many consumers are avoiding fear, how to eliminate the fear of consumers to produce health and safety products is particularly important. With the advent of vacuum frying technology, the advent of vacuum frying machine, so that fried food can also eat healthy natural and safe.

Vacuum frying products and unique flavor, many varieties, healthy ingredients, won the favor of people all over the world, known as the "Green Revolution" in this century fried leisure food. Vacuum frying machine is a vacuum frying technology will be fried and dehydration organically combined together, so that the sample is in a negative pressure state, its pressure is lower than the atmosphere, in the case of relatively hypoxic food processing, can reduce or even avoid oxidation (such as fatty acid failure, enzymatic browning and other oxidative deterioration) caused by the harm, Moreover, the food has the effect of preserving color and preserving incense. It is suitable for fruit, vegetable and meat products.