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Vacuum Fried hawthorn slices—new method of food industry
Nov 30, 2018

When it comes to the Hawthorn, the saliva can't stop. In the memory, whether it is the candied haw in a stick of the street vendors, the hawthorn slices that have been placed on the shelves in the small shop, or the sugar-fried hawthorns that have been found in the store, there are magical powers that people can’t stop eating. However, are these categories can adapt to the tastes of modern people when they are looking for hawthorn-related products?

Hawthorn development faces difficulties

In recent years, many fresh hawthorns selling have been slow-moving. The development of Hawthorn is frustrated, especially the fresh hawthorn. Once unmarketable, it will make it difficult for farmers to recover their costs. For example this year, Chengde has a slow-moving sales village that uses hawthorn as its main cash crop. Last year, fruit farmers in the southern mountainous area of Jinan said that in the past two years, every household has been ruined by thousands of pounds of hawthorn.

However, the products after simple producing are not good to sell. According to the small vendors, "In the past, when the sales of candied haw in a stick were good, it could sell hundreds of strings. Now it is good to sell thirty or forty. This candied fruit is still a novelty in the past. But now it is not very popular.

In general, because the current hawthorn and simple producing market has become saturated, the market declination is inevitable. The deep processed foods of Hawthorn are still in the development stage. As long as the Hawthorn deep processing products have not been widely recognized by the market, the obstruction of the hawthorn and deep processing industry is unavoidable.

Vacuum fryer can save the development crisis

In order to solve this problem, Liuyi Machinery started from the intensive processing of the hawthorn. We tried to innovate the deep processing products of the hawthorn, upgraded the equipment to retain more nutrients in the hawthorn. 

In the current situation where people pay more attention to food health, how to retain more nutrition has become the direction of many people. The sales of fresh hawthorn are not high, not only because the taste is not very good, but also because the hawthorn is more difficult to store. The current popular refrigeration and freezing methods also have browning of hawthorn and loss of nutrients. For deep processing of hawthorn, it is necessary to purchase a large number of hawthorn and also solve the storage problem. 

Liuyi Machinery tried to use the low-temperature vacuum frying equipment to eliminate the enzyme activity in the hawthorn, and made it into a hawthorn crispy piece with a crispy taste and a long storage time. This method not only preserves the nutrients, but also minimizes the loss of color, aroma and taste of the hawthorn.