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The serious problems for food industry need to solve
Oct 11, 2018

The low-temperature vacuum fruit and vegetable chips, which is healthy and has unique flavor, has become an increasingly popular snack for consumers in the 21st century. From children to the elderly, this kind of snack has been well accepted by consumers. Obviously, the processing of fruit and vegetable chips is getting more and more focus by food processing companies.

1.  Analyzing the cost. he cost of one kind of fruit and vegetable chips is very high during the production process. So the cost of raw materials is high. Such as edible mushrooms, after being fried, it is delicious and very popular with consumers. However, their prices are high and the cost burden is heavy. Moreover, the utilization of some raw materials is low, and few finished products are produced. For example, the yield of pineapples is only about 6%, and such low yields in high costs. However, manufacturers must consider the cost, which will inevitably reduce the high-cost product. As a result, there will be the limitation in the processing.

2.  Analyzing the technology. The importance of processing is unquestionable the quality of vacuum oil fryer. After the machine hardware is completed, its influence on product quality improvement is limited. So they need to focus on the craft. Many problems of vacuum oil fryer quality are caused by imperfect craft and improper control. These problems cannot be attributed to the equipment. As the production progresses, the improvement of the craft is inevitable. With the development of science and technology, and the improvement of the entire industry level, more and more new technologies and methods are needed. In order to improve more unreasonable processes, the quality of the products tends to be more stable and natural.