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Rapid development of vacuum frying machine technology
Sep 19, 2018

Vacuum frying This technology arose in the the late 1960s, the early 70, so the vacuum frying machine will follow. Later, the rapid development of this technology, is widely used in fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, aquatic products and livestock and poultry meat, then, what are the advantages of vacuum fried food, making this technology development so fast.

1, vacuum frying, oil temperature greatly reduced, food is not easy to fade, discoloration, browning, can be very good to maintain the color of the raw material itself;

2, raw materials in the sealed vacuum state is heated, wherein the flavor is mostly water-soluble insoluble in oil, and with the dehydration of raw materials, these components will be further concentrated, can be good to preserve the fragrance of the raw material itself.

3, in the vacuum frying process, the oil in the negative pressure state, dissolved in oil and gas quickly large escape, the resulting water vapor pressure is small, and the frying temperature is low, the deterioration of oil is greatly reduced.

Vacuum fried food is like this, can be clearly seen than the general fried food is much better, and the vacuum frying machine simple operation, if necessary, you can contact us! It is understood that domestic enterprises have accelerated the study of vacuum frying technology, some enterprises have made breakthrough progress, to a certain extent, reduce energy consumption, reduce pollution, for the community to bring more benefits and value at the same time, but also for themselves to obtain a larger proportion of the frying machine market share.