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Overview of the Frying Technology Development
Oct 11, 2018

Since the 1990s, foreign literature on fried foods has mainly focused on deep frying technology. It mainly includes the following aspects: reducing the fat content of the product and improving the quality of the product, studying the heat and mass transmission law during the frying process, establishing a model of water evaporation and fat absorption during the frying process. Thereby it aims to provide a scientific theoretical prediction system for the production.

At present, the development of low-energy foods, especially low-fat foods, is extremely increased popular. The most important factor affecting the dietary nutrition of the public is the fat content in foods. The reduction of fat intake is recommended as one of the important ways to improve their health. Therefore, domestic experts and scholars are working to reduce the oil content of fried products. There are four main methods. First, the coating technology, the edible coating material for fried food mainly includes: polysaccharide, such as modified starch, modified cellulose, gelatin, pectin and dextran, etc.; Protein materials, such as Isolated Soy Protein and whey protein, etc.

In 2000, Li Dongtao from Guiyang invented a patent for the production method of low-temperature vacuum frying French fries (CN1267479A), which discloses a method for producing low-temperature vacuum frying French fries, by selecting materials → cutting strips → soaking → freezing →thawing→low-temperature frying →vacuum de-oiling. The French fries produced by this method are rich in flavor, crispy in taste and light in color. In 2002, Zhang Bingwen introduced the process technology, operation points and quality indicators of vacuum low-temperature deep-fried products in the article “Using low-temperature vacuum frying to develop crispy jujube products”. In addition, there are reports on the research on vacuum chips such as vacuum fried apples, cantaloupe, medlar, squid, sweet potato and potatoes.

At present, the frying technology focused on the heat and mass transfer rules in the frying process, and how to reduce the fat content in the fried products. They also analyze the model of water evaporation and fat absorption during the frying process. This provides a scientific basis for the production of low-fat, natural, nutritious and high-quality fried products for deep-fried enterprises.

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