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How to clean the vacuum frying confidential?
Sep 19, 2018

1, first of all, such as oil cooling after the oil release, and then pour water to boil to go away, sprinkle the edible soda powder two tons, cook for 5-10 minutes, and then the water discharged out. 

2. Frying equipment must be used before the furnace body to refuel, so as not to burn the electric heater tube, heating pipe used for a period of time should be cleaned up at least four times a month, clean the surface of the frying machine residue, residue can not accumulate too much or too thick to prevent the storage of heat in the slag caused by fire. Summer oil-water mixing frying machine daily change, winter can be changed according to the water quality regularly to protect the quality of oil; heating pipes must be immersed in the medium to work. Check the performance and sensitivity of photoelectric switch at timed time. 

3. Frying machine through limit control, scientific use of vegetable oil and animal fat proportion of the relationship, so that the fried food leaching of animal oil naturally sank into the lower layer of vegetable oils, so that the upper-middle-level work oil remains pure, frying machine can be fried at the same time a variety of food, non-/or, a machine more than the ideal choice for fried