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How does the continuous automatic vacuum fryer control the temperature automatically?
Oct 11, 2018

The automatic vacuum fryer produced by Liuyi Machinery is equipped with automatic oil temperature control system, automatic lifting system and heating system for all types of fried foods.

Automatic vacuum fryer features:

1. Automatic feeding and discharging, automatic slag extraction, tumbling and stirring. Save fuel.

2. Automatic mixing makes the food frying more even and the color is more vivid.

3. This machine is efficient, energy-saving and has high output. It can save time and labor. Therefore greatly reduces costs.

4. Automatically control the temperature and keep the frying temperature in the pan at the set temperature.

We often do not have a good control of the fryer temperature when using a fully-automatic fryer. So how do you control the oil temperature in the pot?

1.  Thermostat

It can adjust the different gears to control the temperature of the fryer oil as well as the circuit's on/off. The on/off of the thermostat is controlled by the principle of thermal expansion and contraction of the micro-metal sheet.

2. Temperature limiter.

The temperature limiter cannot adjust the temperature of the fryer It can limit the maximum temperature of the fryer in the circuit. When it feels the temperature reaches the limit of the temperature limiter, it can automatically disconnect and limit the temperature rising. And then automatically connect when the temperature drops below its limit to allow it operate. We can grasp the temperature after using them skillfully.

3. Fuse.

It can limit the temperature of the fryer. When the temperature limit is felt, the fuse will blow to protect the user's life and property safety. The blown fuse can no longer be used for another time.