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How can our vacuum frying machine save costs
Nov 27, 2018

The energy consumption of vacuum frying equipment mainly comes from steam and electricity: because our company's vacuum frying equipment has a constant low temperature provided by an efficient circulating heating system, and a relatively equipment volume under the higher yield.

Steam is mainly used for oil heat exchange. The heat transfer method directly affects the steam consumption. Regardless of whether the steam boiler is in coal or fuel mode, the higher the steam pressure, the more energy is consumed. The higher the oil temperature requirement, the higher the energy consumption. The use of our equipment, due to the realization of true low-temperature frying and efficient heat transfer: 1. steam pressure requirements are very low (-0.098 ~ 0.1), 2. grease temperature is very low (constant temperature does not heat storage 80 ~ 88 ° C), 3. temperature and the frying time is correspondingly shortened (due to the high heat exchange efficiency and vacuum), so the steam consumption is quite low. Thereby saving coal or fuel consumption. Other non-patent frying equipment does not have such conditions, but instead: 1. steam pressure is higher (0.4 ~ 0.5MPa), 2. grease temperature is high (heat storage temperature reaches 100 ~ 120 ° C), 3. frying time Correspondingly, it is prolonged (due to lower heat exchange efficiency and vacuum), so its steam consumption is significantly increased.