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Characteristics of double-chamber cryogenic vacuum Frying Machine
Sep 19, 2018

1, color-preserving role: the use of vacuum frying machine, deep-frying temperature is greatly reduced, and the concentration of oxygen in the frying pan is also reduced significantly. Fried food is not easy to change color, browning, can maintain the colour of the food itself. If the kiwi is very easy to heat browning, if the use of vacuum frying machine frying, you can keep its original color unchanged.

2, Bao Xiang role: the use of vacuum frying machine fried, food in the vacuum state heating, food in the flavor of the ingredients are mostly water-soluble, in the grease will not dissolve, and with the rapid dehydration of food, these flavor components are further concentrated, so the use of vacuum frying technology can be good to preserve the flavor of food itself. 

3, reduce the degree of deterioration of oil: the deterioration of edible oil used in frying includes oxidation, polymerization, thermal decomposition, and water or steam and oil contact to produce hydrolysis-based. In the process of vacuum frying, the oil is in a negative state, the gas dissolved in the grease quickly escapes, the water vapor pressure is small, and the temperature is lower when frying, so the deterioration of oil is greatly reduced.