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Automatic frying line in the design of the characteristics presented
Sep 19, 2018

1, equipped with automatic lifting system, upper cover body and net belt can be lifted and lowered, easy to manual cleaning.
2, the device has an efficient heat conduction device, high energy use efficiency.
3, with automatic slag removal system, the residue will be produced at any time.
4, equipped with a dynamic circulatory system, the production process of the diesel oil filtered out, reducing the acid price, prolong the service life of edible oil.
5, to electricity, coal or natural gas for heating energy, the whole machine using food grade stainless steel manufacturing, sanitary, easy to clean.
6, the use of automatic oil drain system, the product oil content is low, product appetite feeling strong. 

7, mesh belt for stainless steel, using variable frequency stepless speed regulation. The frying time can be adjusted. 

8, the use of the upper and lower double-layer network belt transmission, the product is sandwiched between the double-layer mesh belt, to avoid product floating.